School governors have a legal responsibility to promote high standards of educational achievement. Governing bodies have three key roles: setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring and evaluation.  The Education Acts give governors key principles, in regulations and guidance.  Governors are not involved in the day-to-day management of the school. 

Alongside the Senior Leadership Team at Brimsdown Primary School, governors are responsible for deciding on the strategic direction of the school. This includes contributing to decisions on:

  • vision and values
  • achievement
  • equality and inclusion
  • safeguarding
  • behaviour
  • staffing
  • curriculum
  • special educational needs
  • finance
  • premises
  • health and safety
  • extended school
  • parental and community engagement​

We have half termly govenor meetings that all governors are able to attend

Androulla Luci - Vice Chair
Angela Xyrizou - Vice Chair
Ingrid Cranfield
Jay Flaxman
Jon McGrath
Marina Sophocleous
Matthew Kleiner-Mann
Richard Jones


School Name : Brimsdown Primary School
Number of Governors : 12
Term of Office for each category is 4 Years unless otherwise indicated below:
Name of Governor Category Interest/ inc.
Governorships of other schools
Relationships Date (as at)
Richard Jones Staff None None 27/11/12
Matthew Kleiner-Mann Associate Lavender Primary School
Churchfield Primary School
None 25/11/14
Jon McGrath
(Health and Safety)
Co-opted None None 25/06/15
Marina Sophocleous
(Safeguarding ad LAC)
Co-opted None None 04/12/15
Ingrid Cranfield Co-opted Eldon School
Eversley School
None Dec-99
Dani Lang Headteacher None None 25/11/14
Angela Xyrizou Parent None None Feb-17
Androulla Luci Parent None None Feb-17
Camlee Voisin – Batiste Co-opted None None Nov-17
Mansoor Ahmed Parent      
Martin West Associate Site Manager   Feb-18