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Key Policies

Accessibility Plan
Accident Reporting Policy.pdf
Admissions Policy 2020.pdf
Admissions Policy2021.pdf
Anti-Bullying Policy
Assessment Policy
Assessment Policy COVID-19 Addendum
Attendance Policy
Attendance Policy COVID-19 Addendum
Behaviour Policy.pdf
Behaviour Policy COVID-19 Addendum
Business continuity and Disaster recovery plan
CCTV Policy.pdf
Charging and Remissions Policy.pdf
Children with Health Needs who cannot attend school
Complaints Policy.pdf
Data Breach Policy.pdf
Data Protection Policy.pdf
Designated Teacher for LAC and pLAC
Educational Visits Policy
Equality Information and Objectives.pdf
Exclusions Policy
First aid and Welfare Policy.pdf
Freedom of Information Policy.pdf
Gifts and Hospitality Policy.pdf
Health and Safety Policy.pdf
Inclusion Policy.pdf
Ivy Learning Trust Declaration of Interests
Media and Marketing Policy
Medical Needs Policy.pdf
Premises Management Policy.pdf
Pupil Premium Policy.pdf
Recruitment and Appointments Policy
Risk Assessment Policy.pdf
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy CVID-19 Appendix
SRE Policy.pdf
Teaching and Learning COVID-19 Appendix
Teaching and Learning Policy
Visitor and Parent Code of conduct.pdf
Wellbeing and Workload Policy.pdf
Whistle Blowing Policy.pdf

Local Procedures

Collective Worship Information

Looked after Children Policy

Communication Policy


Debt Recovery

Pay Policy

Equalities information

PE Policy

EYFS Policy

Religious Education Policy

Feedback policy

Safer Recruitment Policy

Home/School Agreement

 SEND Information Report

Home Visits Policy

 Annex to Child Protection Policy coronavirus


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Handling complaints during the coronavirus (COVID-19 outbreak)


In line with government guidance the school is not expected to handle new or existing complaints while we are closed. The school will still engage with parents and pupils where we can, however complaints can be considered once the government confirms schools can safely reopen