Reading at Brimsdown

Reading at Brimsdown

At Brimsdown we are a reading for pleasure school. The use of high quality books within the reading curriculum is at the heart of our school's successful approach to engage and support children to become motivated and independent readers.  Each year group takes part in a whole-class reading session on a daily basis. We believe reading a book aloud creates a fantastic shared experience, giving our children access to texts that promote a love for reading. Children enjoy learning about new authors, adventures and worlds.


Reciprocal Reading 

At Brimsdown, it enables children to take on more of an active role in the classroom in discussing texts, usually in small groups.  Reciprocal reading takes place on a daily basis (Years 2-6).

Teachers model, then help children learn to guide group discussions using four strategies: summarising, question generating, clarifying, and predicting. Once children have learned the strategies, they take turns in leading a discussion about what has been read.


Daily Supported Reading

The Daily Supported reading programme (DSR) is a classroom programme that takes place within Year 1 three times a week between 9:10-9:30. DSR helps children make accelerated progress by working with trained adults in small groups and reading books that have been specifically matched to the children’s’ reading attainment. Furthermore, regular assessments take place to ensure that there is movement between each group, so that children are fully supported and challenged to achieve their full potential.


Reading at home (Drop down bar here- when clicked the below paragraph to appear)

Help children to enjoy reading each day by making it part of their daily routine.   Children will be sent home with their reading book and reading record book daily. Once the child has read, a note in the reading record book should be logged. In KS1, home reading books will be changed once the child has finished reading it. In KS2 (Years 3-6), children are responsible for changing their reading books at least twice a week.


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