SEND information Report

Brimsdown Primary School is proud to be inclusive.


In the document attached you can read about our provision and how we support those children who have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities and their families. ​

The Report

Here is a SEN glossary of terms linked to special education needs and disabilities.

ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Annual Review -The review of a statement of special educational needs that takes place yearly

ASD - Autistic Spectrum Disorder

BESD - Behaviour Emotional and Social Difficulties

BSL - British Sign Language

CAF - Common Assessment Framework: a form to co-ordinate all the agencies working with a family with problems

Child Protection Plan - A child protection plan is put in place by the Local Authority when a child is deemed to be at significant risk of harm

DDA - Disability Discrimination Act

Disability - A physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more life activity that is ongoing and impairs how you interact with the world

Disapplication - Removal from a programme of study

Dyscalculia - A difficulty in acquiring math skills

Dyslexia - A disability which could manifest in difficulties in learning to read, write and spell, when there are progress in other areas. Concentration, organisational skills, comprehension and handwriting are amongst a range of other areas that could be affected

Dyspraxia - A disability where motor skills are difficult to learn and retain. Coordination and balance could be affected, amongst other areas

EBD - Emotional Behavioural Difficulties

ECM - Every Child Matters

EDCM - Every Disabled Child Matters

EHCP – Education Health Care Plan. This has now replaced a Statement of SEN.

EP - Educational Physiologist

EWO - Education Welfare Officer

HI - Hearing Impairment

IEP - Individual Education Plan. A working document recording short-term targets and strategies for an individual pupil Integration Educating children with special educational needs with children without special educational needs

LA - Local Authority

LM - Learning Mentor

LSA - Learning Support Assistant

LSC - Learning & Skills Council

Makaton - A signed language based on BSL but is standardised across the country

MLD - Moderate Learning Difficulties

NSSEN - Non-statement Special Educational Needs

OT - Occupational Therapist

PD - Physical Disability

PMLD - Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties

PSHE - Personal, Social and Health Education

PSP - Pastoral Support Plan

PT - Physiotherapist

SaLT - Speech and Language Therapist

SEN - Special Educational Needs

SEN+ - This has now replaced School Action Plus

SENCo - Special Educational Needs Coordinator. The member of staff who has responsibility for coordinating SEN provision within a school

SLCN - Speech Language and Communication Needs

SLD - Severe Learning Difficulties