We take the safety of our children very seriously and have clear policies in place to support our safeguarding practice.

All of our staff have current DBS checks. Please see the bottom of the page for our confirmation letter. 

If you have any concerns about the safety or well-being of any child at Brimsdown Primary School, please do not hesitate to contact one of our designated Child Protection staff:





Marina Sophecleous – Lead CP Officer

Paul Venus – Deputy CP Officer

Nancy Bent

Helen Kocaemir





Dani Lang

Danni Le Brun

Louise Marshall

Evelyn McSweeney





Eleanor Painter

 Katy Sharp



The Area Child Protection Committee, with members from Social Care, Health Departments, Police, NSPCC, the Education Department and others, have published procedures on Child Protection. The procedures give clear instructions for school staff to inform Social Care immediately of any allegation of abuse or non-accidental injury. It is the duty of the school to follow these instructions. Parents/carers are informed as soon as possible. A copy of the school’s Child Protection Policy is available for inspection. If you have any questions about safety and security, please address them to a member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Confirmation of staff safeguarding checks

Confirmation of staff safeguarding checks


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A parent has volunteered to provide assistance at a Special school for pupils with severe learning difficulties, aged from 3-19 years. As well as reading with groups of younger pupils, the parent will be assisting pupils throughout the school with personal care. This may include physical assistance with personal care, eating and drinking and toileting.

The Headteacher asks the parent to complete a Volunteers’ application form, obtains references and interviews her in relation to her wish to take on voluntary work of this nature. The Headteacher decides that the parent is suitable, subject to further checks. He obtains a full Enhanced DBS check for both the Adult and Children’s Workforces, together with Adult and Children’s Barred List checks. As the parent will be reading with very young children, the Headteacher also decides that, in accordance with the Early Years provisions under the Childcare Disqualification requirements, she must also complete a declaration form to confirm that she is not disqualified from working with, or providing care for, children in this age group.

On receipt of satisfactory checks, including also a medical assessment, the parent is added to the school’s SCR and the details of the checks undertaken indicate that she is available to be called on to work in Regulated Activity, as required. Photographic proof of ID** is also recorded on the school’s SCR.

(**Although the parent is known to the School, the Headteacher decides there is a need to formally record the proof of ID on the SCR as the parent is going to be in Regulated Activity).